One-stop partner for ADS-B/SSR monitoring

We provide expertise and technology to collect, store, process, analyze, and visualize ADS-B and SSR-based tracking information. Constantly monitoring the usage, performance, and integrity of digital ATC data links in airspaces is essential for the safety of air navigation services. Our mission is to maximize the safety and security of air traffic control and foster a fast adoption of next generation air traffic surveillance technologies.

ADS-B/SSR Sensor Technology

Our high-end sensors use proprietary technology to provide low-level transponder signal and tracking data. The passive devices are easy to integrate with existing infrastructure and deliver high performance and high accuracy at low cost.

Data Collection & Processing

We provide highly reliable and scalable state-of-the-art big data systems to collect and store data for real-time monitoring and large-scale data analytics. Our back-end can be operated in house or cloud-based for maximum flexibility and cost-efficiency.

Analysis & Visualization

We help our customers understand and monitor how digital surveillance technologies are used in their airspaces. Our specialized data scientists extract knowledge from surveillance data and provide tailored reports for effective data-driven decision-making.

Monitoring Solutions

1090MHz Spectrum Congestion

ADS-B & Mode S Usage

ADS-B Integrity/Security

Transponder Conformance

Low cost high-end sensor provides
  • Mode S and ADS-B data
  • High precision signal meta data (timestamps, frequency, RSS)
  • Raw signal data (IQ)
  • System and health information
  • Spectrum measurements
High performance back-end provides
  • Horizontal ¨plug-and-play¨ scalability
  • High reliability through redundancy
  • High performance (single server can easily handle several 100k data points per second)
  • Support for long-term data storage, e.g., for incident investigation
Apps can be anything, ranging from
  • Security layer (patron:æro)
  • Data archive for incident investigation
  • ADS-B deployment monitoring
  • Alerting / performance reports
  • ASTERIX interface
  • ...